Dating Industry News Roundup 1-29-15

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I wrote When Dating Sites Lie last August when OkCupid got in trouble for manipulating search results and not exactly coming clean to users until after the fact. Jaron Lanier recently discussed whether machine learning systems like Netflix recommendations, Facebook’s newsfeed, Google search etc are manipulative: “There’s no way to tell where the border is between measurement and manipulation.” New Stanford research finds computers are better judges …

Gaming And Dating

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Did you know that recent research shows that 50 percent of spouses who met online did so somewhere other than a traditional dating site? Social casino Vegas World wrote in to say: True love knows no bounds, and more and more people are finding it in multiplayer games and virtual worlds. One such couple, newlyweds Kim and Shane Mitchell, found each …

Matchmakers Figure Rich Millennials Make For Good TV

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Janis Spindel, high-priced matchmaker to Wall Street fat cats and other power-mongers unable to land a suitable yoga instructor, is launching a reality television show. Let’s just parse the press release, I’m too tired to be serious today. “It’s overwhelming,” says Janis, the mom of the dynamic duo. “We have been inundated with calls from TV producers who want us to …

Tinder Update

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Playboy has An Oral History Of The Tinderverse. Beyond Tinder: Can Anyone Create A Female-Friendly Online Dating Platform. Meet the Jewish founders of Tinder. The Worst Human at Tinder Just Resigned. Tinder Settles Fast With Co-Founder In Sexual Harassment Suit. IAC, Owner of Match and Tinder, Makes Moves in Online Dating. Tinder Is Raising From Benchmark At A Valuation North …

OkCupid Says Goodbye to Traditional SEO

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I was just talking with someone about the recent de-emphasis of SEO practices and how Google and Facebook are paying more attention to shareability and other social metrics as opposed to traditional SEO efforts. And then I see this. This is what you get when your brand is incredibly strong. You don’t need no stinking SEO. Everyone else needs loads of SEO-friendly landing …


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The iDate Award Winners were announce yesterday. I prefer the yearly awards myself. The ballot-box stuffing and sheer number of unheard of sites made a read through this years winners an exercise in editorial restraint. Best Dating Site: POF, which beat out by 1%. Seriously? I can think of 10 other sites which should have been on the list. …

Where Are The Dating Industry Holiday Videos?

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Earlier this year a few intrepid dating sites made company videos and I’m wondering if we’ll see some holiday versions over the next few days. It’s high-season in the dating industry after all, perfect to time get closer to your members. For inspiration, the First Round Capital holiday video is great! Zoosk, At First Sight, Tinder, etc., it’s your turn.

Zoosk Cleaning Up for IPO

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Getting lots of calls from people wanting to talk about Zoosk lately, and now this. Zoosk is preparing to go public, having picked Bank of America to lead its initial public offering. Looks like an acquisition is off the table for now, and finally we will be able to parse Zoosk’s earnings and other previously opaque financials. By most accounts, it …