Unsecure Android Dating Apps Everywhere

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Dating apps are fun to hack for knowledge and profit. No mention of iOS apps in this IBM story,  but this is not exactly surprising. Dating site apps are so easy to crank out these days, security is an afterthought at most companies. An analysis conducted by IBM Security found over 60 percent of leading dating mobile apps on Android are …

Dating App The Grade is Tinder With Report Cards

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SNAP Interactive, creators of Are You Interested, have launched a new dating app called The Grade, which bans “failing singles.” The Grade, which uses an algorithm to assign letter grades to users ranging from “A+” to “F,” is to create a community of high-quality daters.  By expelling low-quality users who receive an “F” grade, The Grade enables users to have …

LikeBright Pivots to Reveal Chat To Help You Build Real, Social Connections Via Anonymous Chat

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Several years ago I connected with Nick Soman, founder of LikeBright. We’ve been in contact ever since, talking about the dating industry, market opportunities, matchmaking based on the social graph, etc. After raising over $1 million and trying a number of concepts, LikeBright was stuck. They were unable to figure out how to leverage the social graph to facilitate better matches in …

Goodbye Swoon

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  Turns out Tagged’s  dating app for women, built by women, was a flop. Back to the drawing board.

Dating App Update: Swoon, Catalyst, Closer, Charade Date

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There are a bunch of new social/dating apps showing up on my radar. I guess the thing now is how easy it is to create a mobile dating app. Making a compelling one, now that’s another story. The marketplace is saturated with apps with little differentiation, which makes it difficult for singles to figure out which one is best for …

Online Dating Industry Update 11-12-13

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Match.com is now making $200M a quarter. In the not-too-distant future it’s going to be a billion dollar a year company. More at IAC. Now this is interesting, eHarmony gets into matchmaking at $5,000 a pop. Acquaintable has been acquired by LikeBright. Congrats to Nick and the LB team. There’s a great new dating industry blog to check out. Talked to …

MeetMe Launches Dating App Charm

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Social network @MeetMe (formerly MyYearbook, acquired by Latino social networking site Quepasa for $100 Million In Cash And Stock) today launched a standalone dating app called Charm. Like At First Sight, users shoot short looping videos. Videos are swiped for ‘yes’ or ‘no’  (like Tinder). Chat functionality gets unlocked if 2 users like each other. Download in iTunes. It only took a decade, but video …

At First Sight Dating App Trumps Tinder

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Years ago I was talking to people at the Bachelor about partnering with a dating site or creating their own service. Looks like they finally made their move, and boy did they come up with a great idea for a mobile app. This is the best new dating service I’ve seen in a while, let’s check it out. The Bachelor …

Dating Industry News For May 8, 2013

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Massive link-dump and some videos, enjoy. When is HowAboutWe going to do a deal with Foursquare? Check-in, rich location data and a slick recommendation service. SimpleWash will help you purge your Facebook account of content that single people, employers and mom may not approve of. Lulu is the smart girls’ app for private recommendations and reviews on guys. How ‘love …