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Several years ago I connected with Nick Soman, founder of LikeBright. We’ve been in contact ever since, talking about the dating industry, market opportunities, matchmaking based on the social graph, etc.

After raising over $1 million and trying a number of concepts, LikeBright was stuck. They were unable to figure out how to leverage the social graph to facilitate better matches in a way that resonated strongly enough to get enough traction to matter.

To address the problem, LikeBright pivoted into an anonymous mobile chat app called Reveal Chat. Their new motto is curing loneliness by making it safe and worthwhile to talk to someone new instantly. It’s a big jump from being a dating service based on Facebook to a being the opposite of Tinder. Factor in a crowded marketplace and it’s clear they have their work cut out for them. Having spent a lot of time talking with Nick, I can’t wait to see what they do with Reveal.

Reveal Chat launched as a free download on iOS 7 and iOS 8. No iPhone? Go to www.revealchat.com in your mobile or desktop browser.

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