IBM Deciphers Personality Types From 200 Tweets

 An IBM researcher says she can make an educated guess about your personality just from looking at 200 of your Twitter messages. As we've heard again and again, Computers can derive people’s traits from linguistic footprints File under - Interesting things the dating industry could do to improve matchmaking with Big Data. I can't get enough of how companies are mining Big … [Read more...]

Online Dating Industry Update 11-12-13 is now making $200M a quarter. In the not-too-distant future it's going to be a billion dollar a year company. More at IAC. Now this is interesting, eHarmony gets into matchmaking at $5,000 a pop. Acquaintable has been acquired by LikeBright. Congrats to Nick and the LB team. There's a great new dating industry blog to check out. Talked to the founder today … [Read more...]

NYT Haggler Takes On It’s Just Lunch

  The New York Times Haggler has two stories about It's Just Lunch. It's not a pretty picture, to put it mildly. In Search of Romance, and Maybe a Refund sets the lunch table with tales of poor customer service. Skip the Romance; She’s Going to Court continues with tales of refunds tied to gag-orders and other face-palm moments. As the first articles states, … [Read more...]

Post-Valentine’s Day Wrap-Up

And so another Valentine's Day has come to pass. This year I did around 35 media interviews, actually a pretty light load this year. The sheer number of "relationship experts" who asked about guest-posting was unbelievable, probably around 50 people. 10 things dating sites won’t tell you. What does OKCupid want?: The mission of online-dating CEOs like Sam Yagan of … [Read more...]

Facebook Officially Jumps Into The Dating Pool With Graph Search

Facebook had an invite-only press event today and boy did they deliver. Facebook announced a feature so stunning and ridiculous and crazy and amazing that it could quite possibly render wide swaths of various industry to waste. One things is for sure, the dating industry is sure to feel the effects of Facebook's latest developments, to what extent it's too early to … [Read more...]

eFlirt Expert Book Signing In Boston Tonight

Hey look, it's eFlirt Expert Laurie Davis at her book signing in Boston tonight. Funny thing is that a friend of mine won her Profile eCritique raffle drawing. She's got her work cut out for her thats for sure. Here's Laurie and her fiance Thomas, otherwise known at The Professional Wingman. Yeah, I introduced them #ohtheirony. Single? You need to buy her … [Read more...]

Announcing The Matchmaker Survey

The Matchmaking Institute is conducting an industry survey of 2,500 matchmakers in the United States and Canada. This survey will be published this February - and each February thereafter, as part of an industry fact sheet and resource for the media. Full results of the survey will be sent to respondents in exclusivity, and for free, in February 2013. Your answers will be … [Read more...]