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The Science of Friendship

The Science of Friendship Project is an ongoing, research-driven organization focused on understanding multidimensional aspects of friendship. Check out the Science of Friendship blog and the report (PDF).

Doing OkTrends One Better

Who knows when OkTrends will post again (it’s been almost two years). In the meantime, I’d love to see dating sites do yearly reviews like this one from email service provider Mailchimp. I saw a lot of fascinating charts and graphs about dating site user...

Online Dating Summit Recap

It was great to see everyone at Online Dating Summit in Miami! Met a lot of readers from EU and AU as well as key players at top US dating sites. Many people were fried after Affiliate Summit in Vegas. My keynote presentation is at http://slidesha.re/WUcGU5 Sign up...

Announcing The Matchmaker Survey

The Matchmaking Institute is conducting an industry survey of 2,500 matchmakers in the United States and Canada. This survey will be published this February – and each February thereafter, as part of an industry fact sheet and resource for the media. Full...
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