Tacklebox Provides Crowd-Sourced Chat Assistance

http://vimeo.com/105458540 The folks at Tacklebox understand how difficult it can be to communicate with potential dates and have come up with an app that crowd-sources responses to those tricky early-days chats. The premise is simple: upon login, users are brought to a feed of “baits.” Each bait consists of a person’s last response and the context of the situation. Other … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas Dating Scammers

      Dating sites use Scamalytics to stop scammers in their tracks, saving them moderation time and the related costs that come with scam and fraud detection. December and January is a boom time for the Dating Industry but also results in a huge influx of scammers. Scamalytics' unique technology looks at the user's profile data, behavior and … [Read more...]

Dating Profile Moderation In the Philippines

Most social sites, and some dating sites and apps, use humans in the Philippines to moderate profile content. Over 100,000 people there spend their days looking at the most disturbing things you could imagine, and then some. Everybody hits the wall, generally between three and five months. You just think, ‘Holy shit, what am I spending my day doing? This is awful.' “It’s … [Read more...]

Authentic Dating Profiles With Bitcoin

Lately I've been reading about the many different uses for Bitcoin that people have been dreaming up. The founder of Angel List, where many dating startups are listed for funding purposes, wrote an article, The Fifth Protocol, which caught my attention. I knew I was on to something when the article started out: “Wait a minute… Make up your mind. This Snow Crash thing—is … [Read more...]

Ashley Madison Charges $19 To Delete Your Profile

Last year I went to Toronto on business to meet with a dating site in stealth mode. While I was there I spent some time at the offices of Ashley Madison. I don't particularly love the particular brand of Kool-Aid that they were selling, but that's besides the point. They have identified a market, they own it and they've found thousands of people to pay for the service each … [Read more...]

Matching Algorithms, A work in Progress

A while back I wrote IBM Deciphers Personality Types From 200 Tweets. I’ve had countless email discussions with everyone from psychologists to dating site matching algorithm experts and others about the industry’s take on matching systems. While I’m no psychological expert, I have a fair grasp on how the industry thinks and operates. First, dating sites are simply … [Read more...]

Zoosk Launches Photo Verification

Dating site profile photos are a problem. Either people don't post them, or the ones they do don't accurately depict how they currently look. I've worked with photo verification patent-holders and used scores of dating sites that have offered verified photos for over a decade. Lot's of hype and promises, that's about it. It's funny how FriendFinder Networks has offered so … [Read more...]

Tagged Shutters Social Mobile Dating App

Will mobile dating apps bring an end to the thousands of stale, dormant or otherwise ignored dating sites? Last year, Swoon was making headlines as the first mobile social dating app made by women. Looks like they couldn't figure it out, Tagged is closing down the app next week. I rarely hear about dating sites shutting down, but with apps it's a whole different story. … [Read more...]

BBC Radio Investigates Cupid PLC

Over the weekend the BBC's Adrian Goldberg aired an investigative piece centered on allegations that Cupid PLC had among other things made use of fake profiles and communications to entice members to sign up. Cupid LLC's official response was that there are 100 test accounts in their systems (think Mystery Shoppers). The interview starts with a man stating that he saw a … [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline Is The Perfect Personal Ad

Found some old notes while looking researching the Facebook Graph Search. Relevant so here they are. Facebook's Timeline and Graph Search is going to change the online dating industry, forever and for the better. People Media, Spark, Cupid PLC and all the other niche networks will popular for years to come, and Match certainly isn't quaking in their boots. And I'm not … [Read more...]