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The folks at Tacklebox understand how difficult it can be to communicate with potential dates and have come up with an app that crowd-sources responses to those tricky early-days chats.

The premise is simple: upon login, users are brought to a feed of “baits.” Each bait consists of a person’s last response and the context of the situation. Other users can then comment with feedback or potential responses. In order to post a bait, users must also earn points from commenting and earning upvotes, thus enabling monetization potential, gamification, as well as automatic curation (karmic credit economy). Baits are then archived by the author whenever she/he sees fit, and thus unavailable to public viewing except by those who commented, saved, or wrote the prompt. This core set of features allows for passive browsing, shareability, high engagement (push notification of comment), dismissal of the 1% rule, and rapid iteration/adoption.

This is brilliant. A company actually created a service to help people be better daters that goes beyond the usual dating site tips, all of which were written in 2002 and never updated. Color me impressed.

File under #onlinedatingtrainingwheels

More at the Tacklebox blog.