Profiles Are Partially Public, Social-Graph Enabled

Here's another bit of thinking I did about Match and the social graph a while back. Some thoughts on Facebook's social graph as it relates to Graph Search, and the surprising news that my match profile is partially viewable by anyone without having to log in (confirmed by 20 people just now). A while back, I decided to poke around the only thing we can really dig into to … [Read more...]

Facebook Officially Jumps Into The Dating Pool With Graph Search

Facebook had an invite-only press event today and boy did they deliver. Facebook announced a feature so stunning and ridiculous and crazy and amazing that it could quite possibly render wide swaths of various industry to waste. One things is for sure, the dating industry is sure to feel the effects of Facebook's latest developments, to what extent it's too early to … [Read more...]

Denied by Eharmony & LikeIt (TheCompleteMe)

  Interesting to see the "Sorry you are not eHarmony material" put-down and then the newly rebranded saying my Facebook account does not meet their minimum quality standards. Can't a guy get a break around here? To make matters worse, I have been unable to log into LikeIt (new name for for several days. The site says it has 22 million … [Read more...]

Online Dating Industry News For 11-19-12 Two great great dating site videos. "There's something you should know about Jen, she voted for Dennis Kucinich", Ha! Great marketing piece to pander, I mean cater, to liberals and conservatives. Political affiliation-based dating sites are definitely a niche, but given … [Read more...]

Facebook Relationship Prediction Algorithm Challenges Dating Industry Efforts

Facebook is able to predict with great accuracy the probability for two people exchanging casually on the network to become romantically involved, says Frederic Filloux, writing in Monday Note about how Big Data can change the economics of digital publishing. The internet already provides the necessary tools to see who is visiting a web site, what he (she) likes, etc. The idea … [Read more...]

Mindblowing Futuristic First Date Scenario Dating site executives, investors and the media often ask me what I think the future of online dating will look like. My usual response is that the 30th generation of Match Synapse will include DNA and genetic testing, full credit card report analysis, behavioral and test results based on terabytes of our social exhaust and verified … [Read more...]

eHarmony Prospers Thanks To Big Data

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is crushing social media marketing like HowAboutWe, but I do like some of the social media stuff coming from eHarmony. How Ironic that most of the eHarmony posts on this blog are about their technology. Its crazy that the media is *still* regurgitating the four-year-old self-published stats that an average of 542 people married every day in the US … [Read more...]

Mobile, Social and Big Data Will Revolutionize Online Dating

Happy Friday, I actually remembered to #followfriday some dating industry peeps on Twitter today. Follow me at @datinginsider. The dating industry is going to love Narrative Data. This paragraph from Monday Note supports my longstanding belief that dating sites are going to have to become more data-intensive like OKCupid to truly benefit from the submerged value just waiting to … [Read more...]

Cupid Fights Dating Site Scammers With Scamalytics

In 2008, IntroAnalytics launched their recommendation system for dating sites. As I expected, because every matching system vendor does this, they broadened their focus into anti-scam and e-commerce. Why? In part because getting dating sites to license a third-party matching system is incredibly difficult and behavioral matching works across all sorts of industries. The … [Read more...]