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Back from Peru, what an incredible trip. It’s amazing what a few weeks in the jungle, seeing Machu Picchu and visiting ruins at 13,000 feet will do for one’s health and perspective on life. Lost 10 pounds and I’m the calmest I’ve ever been in my life. Dad and I had many memorable experiences that I’ll never forget.

Before leaving, I unsubscribed from 50 marketing/social media/Hot New Gadget blogs and newsletters got my email down to a reasonable level. No Facebook for a month, barely missed it. My new motto is “Pay attention to what you pay attention to.”

And so, some new/old dating industry news.

API-based dating industry solution provider RecSys is offering free scammer health checks for online dating sites.

Publicly-available profile data, such as photos and profile text, are scanned, analyzed and compared with Scamalytics’ blacklists to produce a report identifying profiles which are of concern.

Scamalytics co-founder Nick Tsinonis says”Whilst we get the best results by including data such as IP addresses and behavioral information, our shared industry blacklists are now of such a size that we can pick up a proportion of scammers just by the information in their profiles”.

For more information, or to request a free site scan, contact Nick Tsinonis: