Online Dating Industry News 6-22-12

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Gay-spotting mobile app Grindr gets around 1 million monthly visitors. Sex offenders in Louisiana must list their status on Facebook, other social media. What’s next, limiting what they can Like on Facebook? Where will the scarlet letters be featured on their profile? What’s the logic here? IF user IS sex maniac IN Louisiana THEN display sex maniac badge ELSE do nothing. Is online dating …

Interview with MyYearbook, The Top Social Discovery Site

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What a great week. New clients, the CNBC show Love At First Byte was a big hit last night and today we have a great interview with Catherine and Geoff Cook of MyYearbook. In today’s episode with MyYearbook we talk about social discovery, the need for social networking to fill the space between the MySpace and Facebook, big mobile numbers …


Focus on Dating Startups: Likebright Social Dating

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Its been a long time since I did a podcast so today I hopped on Skype with Nick Soman and Richard Luck of Likebright, a new social dating startup out of Seattle. Likebright launched out of TechStars. You know who else launched from TechStars? Ignighter, recently renamed StepOut, the fastest-growing dating site in India (TechStars 2008, $4.22M in venture capital raised to …


Introducing Online Dating Insider

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Every since eAmore NYC we’ve seen an increase in readers and newsletter signups, which means its time to introduce Online Dating Insider to our new readers. My name is Dave Evans and I have been blogging about the online dating industry at OnlineDatingPost since November 2002. As a consultant I’ve worked with Internet companies since 1994 as Digicraft. I’ve worked with … Voice-Based Social Network Prepares to Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

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Just got off the phone with Joel Schwartz, who is busy getting ready to launch a voice-based social networking tool called at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City. Some of you may remember Joel from iDate in Miami a few years ago when he was at Teltech, which debuted it’s LoveDetect service. I absolutely loved that service but Teltech seems …

Project Amicus: Location-Based Dating For Everyone

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Grindr founder Joel Simkhai and I jumped on Skype to talk about his new location-based dating application, code name Project Amicus. Here’s the blog post announcement and Joels SXSW presentation, OnlineDating2.0. Trying a new podcast player here, let me know if you have trouble listening.


Interview: SocialEyes Facebook Videochat

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In yesterday’s post, SocialEyes Brings Video Chat to Facebook, I wrote about a new video service launching on Facebook. Silicon Valley A-list videoblogger Robert Scoble left a comment that he interviewed the SocialEyes team. I still have my Quickcam vido ball from 1993 and have used just about every videoconferencing service out there. By the end of the video I think …

Internet Dating Is Big Business

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It was nice to wake up hearing my voice on NPR this morning. That sort of thing doesn’t happen very often and I love doing radio interviews more than just about anything. The piece captures the current state of Internet dating quite well, with the caveat that it was an industry conference and this was a finance segment. I especially …

NPR Marketplace Dating Industry Story

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Marketplace will broadcast a short piece on Monday, February 21st about the online dating industry.  Yours truly will be featured.  If you don’t catch the morning report on NPR, you can always search for it online at