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For over a decade I’ve received thousands of press releases regarding Valentine’s Day. Here’s why I’ve stopped posting anything to do with this particular holiday.

Throwing an infographic related to dating on your Quick Loan website and asking me to link to it. Lame.

Anything to do with Tinder. Overdone and boring.

Guest posts of any kind: It’s not 2009 anymore. Fire your marketing person and find someone that knows that they’re doing. Anyone that doesn’t understand that infographics and guest posts are dead doesn’t get mentioned. So do people that argue this point.

Brands cashing in on Valentine’s Day hype that I don’t hear from the other 364 days of the year. Unless you’re sending me a crate of Internet-connected sex toys, don’t bother.

General polls and other stuff that is meaningless, like the amount of chocolate eaten per capita in the US. Really?

You know what I think? The Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day busy season for the dating industry is coming to an end. Dating is a year-around undertaking and people don’t expect to get a date for Valentine’s day anymore.

One way to gauge this is by looking at quarterly ad spend at large dating sites. Maybe someone enterprising will do this when this quarters’ numbers are out.