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Over the years I’ve helped launch countless sites on dating site platforms like SkaDate and Boonex. Boonex moved into the social networking market, and SkaDate I hadn’t heard much about in recent memory. It turns out that SkaDate has been busy building a new platform.


We finally launched the new version  of our flagship product, SkaDate X. Note that this is not an update or upgrade of our last  software iteration (SkaDate Master), but a completely new platform altogether. Basically,  it’s more of a reboot than a sequel to what is currently known as SkaDate. We took the same concept of giving people tools to build their own dating sites, but went  further this time. We separated the basic dating platform from the tons of additional features. Since every dating site is unique, we believe it is logical to give the actual site owner
the freedom to choose what additional individual components are needed.

The core of the new SkaDate is the open source social-networking platform Oxwall, enhanced with exclusive dating/monetization functionality in the form of the SkaDate plugin. This way
site owners have the choice of running a streamlined dating-ready SkaDate solution,
or supplement it with literally hundreds of various plugins available through the Oxwall Store.

In addition, we have also rebuilt our native mobile applications from scratch.  The iOS app is already available, while the release of the Android version is planned for  January 2015. The new application has the same essential functions of the software solution,  as well as a built-in Tinder-like SpeedMatch feature.

There are several other dating-site-in-a-box platforms to consider, but over the years the majority of sites I’ve seen launch have been Boonex and SkaDate. Strangely enough, the last few investor-backed sites I’ve seen have been launched on WordPress with the BuddyPress plugin. Develop quickly, get features to a good place and launch fast. You’re going to rip it apart in a few months anyways, why bother with custom code? Plenty of time to get to that if the site actually takes off and gets some traction.

If you’re starting a dating site, take a look at SkaDate. No solution is going to be perfect out of the box but I know several sites making over $20,000 a month on SkaDate. Check out the demo site.