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Lovetagged, a new Scandinavia-based company lets you play matchmaker for your single friends by setting them up via Facebook.

Similar to past versions of LikeIt, LikeBright and a handful of other now-defunct or pivoted companies, LoveTagged is a new Facebook-based matchmaking application that allows users to be virtual matchmakers. LoveTagged will take the awkwardness out of being set up with strangers, and the guesswork out of online dating websites. LoveTagged lets users ‘LoveTag’ single friends and recommend them to other people in their immediate network.

LoveTagged is founded and developed by Christian Majgaard who originally got the idea at his brother’s wedding. His best man was actually the matchmaker who set the groom up for a blind date with his new wife.

LoveTagged just launched on Facebook in a desktop version, but a mobile-friendly version is also in the works and will be available soon.

LoveTagged just raised initial funding on the crowdfunding platform fundedbyme.com, where 40 investors and ambassadors have bought shares in the company.

This campaign, which closed successfully on Sept. 4, raised $91,000.

Check out Lovetagged.