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UK Dating Awards 2014

The UK Dating Awards are the UK’s only annual awards event recognizing expertise across the entire Dating Industry. Nice to see something besides the About.com awards and the ballot-stuffing at iDate. The awards are happening in conjunction with the Online Dating Association.

The event will take place in the Prince Consort Rooms of the prestigious Honourable Artillery Company building in London, on the evening of Thursday November 13th.

350 people at $150 per person means almost $50,000 in revenue for a three-hour party. Don’t forget your tuxedo, it’s black tie.

Maybe dating sites think the little Award Winner icon is going to look good on your dating site home page. Almost as useful as dating sites that mention the press they have received.

The dating industry needs more events like this, but they have to push the industry to evolve and do the right thing, otherwise it’s not helping. Wake me up when a dating industry group actually accomplishes sweeping reform to clean up online dating.