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cupid PLC

Several years ago Cupid PLC was on what appeared to be a strong growth trajectory. Today we find the companies’ revenue slashed by half and the growing possibility of selling off some of their sites.

This is what happens when a business grows in unsustainable ways. You get big and if you don’t pay attention to customer acquisition costs and churn, maintaining said grown becomes problematic.

Back in 2010 I wrote about Cupid’s financial results.

Cupid is crushing it and its nice to have a new dating conglomerate to write about after so much Match.com news. Although Match is obviously looking at Cupid as a potential acquisition target, since Cupid could easily approach Meetic-level success in Europe due to the more diversified nature of their offerings, and we know how tight Match and Meetic are these days (very).

In April of 2014 The company reported a £7.4m loss for 2013 compared with a profit of £9.2m in the previous year. Financial, employee turnover and other interesting history care of the BBC.

Story originally via Global Dating Insights.