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How unfortunate that:

1) The men running Tinder thought it was appropriate to de-emphasize the role of a female co-founder, allegedly following that up with calling her a whore.

2) This is what I am writing about after some time off from blogging.

I have little love for Tinder and this further solidifies my feelings about the company overall. And Match, get some adult supervision for those loose cannons.

Wolfe says Rad and Match.com CEO Sam Yagan repeatedly ignored her complaints about Mateen’s behavior and about the exclusion of her name from the list of the company’s cofounders.

Awful behavior at Tinder and the lack of oversight at Match is deplorable. There is always more to the story, but still, disappointed big time that this happened. The situation plays right into the hands of online dating detractors and the media, and that can affect stock price. This is a bit of a black eye for IAC, which wants to spin Match out as it’s own tracking stock.

What got me next was reading that IAC paid $500 million for 10% of Tinder. Who made that number up? Tinder isn’t just pre-revenue, it’s going to die off like Chatroulette, and then we’re going to get back to our knitting, which *should* be focused on improving online dating.

Via Tinder has a date with sexual discrimination suit @ Fortune.