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Jiayuan.com: Strong Balance Sheet But Needing To Reduce User Churn. This is a fantastic look into Jiayuan finances. Jiayuan.com International’s CEO Discusses Q2 2013 Results.

If Tinder And Snapchat Shacked Up And Had A Baby, It Would Be Called Swipe. You know what’s even better? At First Sight.

New Match.com Q&A Feature Coming Soon.

Match Q&A

Leading gay dating company Online Buddies Acquires Gay Dating App Jack’d.  Nearly 5 million men around the world have joined Jack’d since its launch in 2010 and with an average 10,000 installs each day, it consistently ranks among the top four gay apps in both the App Store and Google Play. I used to live down the street from Online Buddies. Great office space overlooking Boston.

Okcupid has launched profile visibility boosters. A whole day of activity in 15 minutes, I’ll take it.OkCupid profile booster

OkCupid Promote Me

Pixtr automatically improves digital images. This could be an interesting use for profile writers and dating sites.

I periodically poke around dating industry patent issues. Looks like someone is poking around Zoosk’s patent for Identifying Nearby, Compatible Users.

POF Acquires Fastlife. Seen on the POF website:

My name is Markus and I created POF/Plentyoffish. We are always looking for ways to find quicker and more efficient ways to create relationships and today I am happy to announce that we just bought the worlds largest speed dating company. Fastlife.com.

These events are often sold out for women months in advance because they work!. 90% of people who go to an event end up being matched with someone and contact details are exchanged. Where else can you go talk to 10-12 women in one night for 8 minutes each and than go on a second date with just the women you are interested in? Where else are you going to go that has a equal ratio of single men and women and where else can you find that kind of success rate?

How Online Dating Sites Use Data to Find The One.

Amy Webb: How I hacked online dating.

Flip52 looks like a fun way that could help people be less awkward on their dates. Would you pull out a deck of cards on a first date?

Scaling Apache Giraph to a trillion edges is a good read for any dating sites doing friend-of-a-friend matching.

Are You Interested has a new blog, The Data Of Dating. The Data of Dating aims to better inform and foster relationships online, empowering singles to make more meaningful connections.

A Fantasy Dating Game.