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This guy! How cool is Sir Richard? Buy others on your flight drinks and food and then chat them up with Red, Virgin’s entertainment system.

Hookups or hangouts: Comparing dating apps Tinder and Hinge. Here’s another one, Tinder Enters The Friend Zone. This guy hacked the Tinder API. Now this is the future of dating.

Face-reading software that can detect your emotions. I would love to see this working on dating sites!

Is he true? Boyfriend Tracker lets you check.

The marriage of online dating and online fraud.

Match launched game nights back in June as part of their 25 market Stir Game Night series. Who’s up for Bananagrams? Anyone been to one of these events?

The Worst Online Dating Site In The History Of The World?

Over the past few years I have spoken of FAB somewhat regularly. Initially called Fabulus, the company pivoted from a gay dating network to flash sales. Read Demolition Man: why does Fab’s CEO keep building big companies that suddenly implode? Fascinating cautionary tale.

Merydate.com is a social network for singles. Not like there aren’t 50 of these to choose from. Where is the differentiation between the competition?

Women’s Voice Pitch Changes Depending on Their Attraction To a Man.