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Friend sent this to me, very funny OkCupid Bingo game. The squares alone are great, but when you start looking at profiles and playing and someone wins within 3 profiles, it makes you wonder about people. And you get buzzed very quickly (don’t ask me know I know).

OkCupid has become the default dating site for this sort of edgy user-created viral marketing. Everyone knows the site, it’s more alternative/edgy than most other mainstream sites, and this kind of thing perfectly reflects a good portion of it’s membership.

“NOT 89547, still lists as “Mandatory” LOL that killed me! Anyone who has anguished over OkCupid¬†answers knows how brilliant and infuriating this particular question is. You answer that popular question wrong and I won’t even respond to your email even though I got it wrong at one point and probably missed out on several great dates because of my stupidity. That’s just how it works at OkCupid.

My profile had at least 5 squares right off the bat, sigh.

OkCupid Bingo Game