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OkCupid has launched paid exposure functionality. After Badoo and other sites started banking serious cash based on features such as paid exposure, it’s no wonder that more dating-centric sites are getting into the game. Match and many other sites have offered  things like colored borders around VIP profiles, but in the past those were often viewed as desperate measures, brining the user the exact opposite of the intended result.

How many people are going to pay $2 for 10 minutes of increased exposure? That seems cheap to me, but I’m sure they tested/are testing different price points and durations. Will paying $2 every time we log in lead to better second dates? Hopefully OKC will share the results.

I like how they are not doing the usual banner of postage-sized images across the top of the page and limiting the exposure to the search results.

Hey OKC, while you’re at it, how about bumping up the size of the recommended people in the sidebar? 50×50 pixels in 2013? Come on now.

Finally, I enjoy the small touches that OKC employs, like doing a simple database call to mention the town I live in from the zip code I entered. Makes me smile every time I see something like this. It’s attention to little details like this that makes OKC stand out from the rest of the industry.
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