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TheDatingStudio is terminating their white label dating service.

To capitalize on the opportunity, Dating Factory is sending out emails saying:

If you have sites with them, you may already know the news that Cupid Plc may be closing the doors on their white label providers….

Cupid Plc has recently announced that they have sold their casual dating assets, which could possibly have had an adverse impact on their white label solutions. The new owners of Cupid’s casual brands may no longer support the white label solutions, leaving many partners without a home for their sites.

It is possible that partners have been given just two months‘ notice for them to move their sites to a new provider.


In the same email, it seems that they have also advised that partners should stop marketing their sites and that they may receive reduced revenue shares. The lack of marketing will surely affect many partners’ rankings that they have worked so hard to achieve.

Good for them, get ahead of the situation and on-board a bunch of new clients.

However, Sean Wood, Communications Director at Cupid Plc. told me:

We are aware of the communications sent out by IDE regarding their white label business, and also from Dating Factory. We do not provide white label dating services. Our white label business was sold in 2012 to IDE and we have had no involvement in the provision of white labeling since then.

The divestment of our casual assets has no link whatsoever to any actions that IDE may have taken.

Any issues between IDE and their clients are entirely their own, and in no way connected to Cupid plc.

But not so fast Dating Factory, White Label Dating may have gotten the better deal. They are saying:

We are delighted to announce that TheDatingStudio.com are partnering with WhiteLabelDating exclusively; the partnership includes the migration of their entire member database.

The migration will allow any current partners of TheDatingStudio.com to continue to earn revenue from their existing members. WhiteLabelDating.com is also offering all previous partners of the TheDatingStudio.com a 100% revenue share for six months when they launch a new site on the company’s platform.

Perhaps Dating Factory will offer partners a sweeter deal to counter-act WLD’s stronger relationship with IDE Group. Whatever happens, I hope the situation has a positive impact on the white label dating platform marketplace, increases payouts and makes profile portability even easier for partners.