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Has anyone seen a dating site that uses people’s real names? Lots of sites use Facebook data and then let people create an alias to hide their FB name – Thread.com was the first to do this, but I’ve never seen a dating site where my profile name was my real full name.

YouTube is trying to get us to use our real names. Can you imagine the comment trolls using their real names? Newsflash, it looks like they are.

I was going to use Facebook comments on this blog but I figured that nobody would ever leave a comment, sometimes anonymity is a good thing to get the comments flowing.

Facebook testimonials, which are being turned on at a number of sites right now, are a new type of identity verification. But then the person who wrote the testimonial has to some how be verified. Not sure exactly how companies are going to roll out anything which is truly useful.  At this point, it’s still pretty easy for a dedicated scammer to create a fake network of Facebook friends (this is more common than you might imagine).

In what context do you think singles would be ok with using their full names?

youtube using real name

youtube using real name