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YouTube is doing something cool. Call of Duty players livestream their gameplay directly to the site, in real time. All Things Digital says you’ll be able to watch gamers in multiplayer Call of Duty: Black Ops II matches blow each other up live, for free.

I’d rather step on a snake, but for millions of gamers, this could be big.

Why did I mention this you ask? Because it reminded me of Woome (which now redirects to Zoosk). Which got me thinking that YouTube should have a dating channel.

A fair number of dating startups are focusing (again) on live video-dating and/or video profiles. I love me some video profiles! I’ve been on a number of first dates using FaceTime on my phone. Kind of awkward but exciting at the same time.

What if YouTube had a dating channel? What would it look like? How would you search for people? What about after the “date”? How would you stay in touch? Lots of interesting possibilities to ponder.

I guess you could do the same thing on uStream or any other streaming video site, but YouTube has hundreds of millions of people already on the site every day (super-low customer acquisition cost).

Speed dating on YouTube, what do you think?

The trailer for Black Ops II is pretty great.