Meed Locals Ad

Last fall, during the ChristianMingle advertising deluge, I was also inundated with Girls Date For Free ads. GDFF is a Cupid PLC dating site thats been around for several years.

Functionality wise, the site reminds me of Friend Finder sites due to the video uploads and incomprehensible pricing structure.

Of interest are the SEO-friendly blog post excerpts at the bottom of the home page. However, the “current events” are from 2010, which I found remarkable given the deluge of GDFF ads I’ve seen recently.

“We have over 350,000 visitors to the site every month looking for fun!” Seriously? Thats a huge amount of traffic. If they are heavily promoting it, that could go up to say 500,000 monthly visitors, making the site one the larger mid-tier casual subscription-based dating sites in the world. Too bad the current state of measuring web traffic still requires spending an arm and a leg to get decent dating industry stats.

girls date for free questionable profileUpon signing up, I received an email literally 30 seconds after signing up from a woman nearby. My profile isn’t even complete and I’m getting emails. Hmmm.


Check out this pricing matrix. Makes my head spin. One thing I think the dating industry should do more often is offer premium subscribers the ability to send emails to free members who can then respond.

girls date for free pricing