Here are a number of resources for anyone starting or running a dating site. I’m compiling a comprehensive list that I’ll probably make available to clients and people who join my dating site startups email list. More coming on this soon.

CrazyCTR boosts your CTR by optimizing your banners, making them stand-out and eye-catching for visitors of any website you advertise on, including Facebook, PoF, mobile or others.

Using the Facebook Power Editor to manage ads in bulk.

Pluralis Crowdsourced Conversion Testing.

How to Use the New Google Analytics Social Reporting Tool.

Google Makes Remarketing Easier For Advertisers, Connects Analytics And Display Network

The truth about affiliates and cookie overwriting.

This is a great idea,  Dating Factory Site Setup Checklist.

What are the best viral landing pages? – Quora. What are the best UI elements that have cropped up in modern web sites and web apps recently? Also from Quora.

Facebook Engineering team talking about Under the Hood: Building the App Center recommendation engine

Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012 by Eric Ries.

Performance Marketin Insider.