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Photo Likes Are The New Winks On Dating SitesBack in the day, every dating site had some sort of a wink feature. Called by many different names, the feature was a lightweight way for one dating site members to show interest in each other.

For women, for the most part, winks were more trouble than they were worth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to women absolutely go off on guys who wink at them and that’s it. It’s a perceived snub, women want to feel like they are more important than a click of a mouse button (Same could be said for men). My profile is awesome and I am hot and sexy and all you can do is wink at me without sending a message? Next!

There is a whole set of questions to ask dating sites about wink response percentages between genders. I wish more of this information was public.

Match has had Photo Likes for a while now, and I am actually pleased with the results. I would say that about 30% of the people I wink at send me an email. I don’t remember getting that high a response rate from plain old winks. I’ve had hundreds of profiles on hundreds of dating sites, so my experience might be different from most people. The Photo Like to response to date ratio is another metric I’d love to see.

Match was smart in giving Likers the ability to send a quick message to the person who’s photo you are Liking. I rarely fill that out because “Your cleavage is amazing” is not the best intro line. Another cool metric would be “What photo-based quick messages get the highest responses”. Get creative with those messages! Love seeing all of this behavioral data, hope dating sites are putting it to good use.