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In the name of research, I have tried just about every location-based dating app out there. Its exciting to fire up a new app and that a cute single person two blocks away might want to eat squid pancakes with me while watching a Felini movie in a public park nearby.

In reality location/suggestion-based dating sites have the following issues:

Not enough people, too many people, knowing too much about where people are, not knowing enough, unclear privacy features, fake pictures and profiles, crashy apps.

It is heartening to see some dating sites working hard on achieving the right balance between location exposure, safety and connectivity.

Established sites with mobile apps appear to be trumping services based on location due mainly to the fact that getting people to use these apps is very, very difficult. You know what? Traditional dating sites don’t even need location-based features in their apps. We have so much interstitial, in-between time that we pull out our phones the minutes we’re not 100% engaged in whatever it is we are doing. Is location even that important?

I’d love to know usage patterns for dating site location-based services. How many people actually connect with someone nearby due to using a dating site mobile app? We talk about location-based services like they will change the world. Or are they just another screen to search/view and perhaps communicate with each other?