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london at night

Back from a great and all too short trip to London where I a) spoke at the White Label Dating Partners Conference and b) celebrated my birthday. The weekend event at Luton Hoo was fantastic. 1,000 acres, black tie casino night, Aston Martin’s all over the place, one could eaily get used to that sort of lifestyle.

Sunday was a rainy London walkabout, the flashmob-style audience participation stuff at the Tate Modern blew me away, as did the architecture tour and a spin on the London Eye. First time using Airbnb, I’ll never book a hotel again if I can help it.

On Monday I had a great long lunch with Nick Tsinonis at RecSys. If you have anti-fraud or people-matching needs, I highly recommend you seek out Nick and talk to him about their offerings.

Spent some time with Nick and some of the Twoo team. I didn’t know they had 6M monthly visitors, wow. Great guys and thanks to Nick for the opportunity to hot desk for the afternoon. Badoo HQ was nearby and unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for their amazing party and Andrey’s famous onion soup. So many other people I wanted to meet with, need to do a return trip for sure, the London dating industry scene is where its at these days.

Badoo seems to be on an acquisition and partnership tear lately. Hotornot, Tagged, Myzamana, Blendr and probably a few others I haven’t caught on to yet. Who’s next?

The Online Dating Summit is having a gathering in London on November 5th.

Watch out American dating sites, the British are coming.