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hi5 gallery view email

Out of the blue I received an email from Hi5, the social gaming network. Social gaming, sure thing boss. The next screen had broken images on it, and the hot or not feature didn’t even show the person’s photo. Then I saw the usual Badoo-style strip of featured members at the top, complete with broken images. I think tagged owns Hi5. I guess they let the developers go home early, wayyy early. The amount of broken images and links is incredible.

hi5 photo strip

Why are they showing me dudes? Everyone look like a thug, is ready to sell me drugs, or is holding a gun just out of the frame of their photos. I’m sure the site is used by a lot of people, but look at all of the ba-donk-a-donk on display. I can feel my IQ lowering after just a few minutes on the site.</snark>.

Back in 2006 I said, “I’m not going to bother with Hi5 and the others, not enough value for me to take the time to get established” and I stand by that comment. Clearly not my kind of site. Maybe Match should buy it and merge it with DateHookup.

Thankfully, Myspace is relaunching soon and we can get back to old school social networking. I hope they have an auto-play MP3 player on our profiles.