flikdate mobile video datingFlikDate brings real-time video dating from your phone. The latest version of the mobile app is available in Itunes.

New features include:

Flikdate Parties: join our scheduled party events to meet new Fliksters – we’ll even send you an invite to make sure you don’t miss the fun.

Now Showing: how many people are fliking. Decide if it’s worth the wait, or come back later.

Thumbs Down: not your type? Tap thumbs down before you flik, and you’ll never see that person again.

Faster Fliks: improved video for faster fliking.

Location filters, new look and Android version coming soon.

I like the Flikdate concept, but I wish sites like this would figure out a way to use Skype for this sort of thing. Skype has 10’s of millions users, they recently had 43 million people online simultaneously. Flikdate has to start from scratch, which is incredibly difficult, especially with a video service. I keep thinking about Airtime, the Facebook-based video-chat service that had the potential for a supernova launch, but after a few months its clear that the service is likely going to limp along and probably fade within 12 months because look, we got Chatroulette out of our system already.

A more appropriate comparison is WooMe, which had some early success, faded and was acquired by Zoosk. Key indicators showing that video dating is ready to take off are still a few years away. People are doing video on the desktop, but the number of hours people spend videochatting on phones is still tiny. Meeting a woman for the first time in a videochat on my phone doesn’t feel right just yet, but it will be normal in a few years. The question becomes, can Flikdate support itself long enough for society to warm up to video dating?