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UbercallLook at how Ubercall lets you gain access to features by completing tasks. I know daters don’t want online dating to be even more difficult and time consuming, but I like the idea of making people do something to get a rating, reputation, etc.

Love is a Tesla field circuit: Matching algorithms are fine and all but… The Tesla circuit produces a low pressure energy zone within the world-circuit, focused between the two creatures to be in love, making a magnetic pull zone. This magnetism pulls the DNA together through your skin and bodies, attracting you to one another. Love it!

AT&T Serenades Hundreds of Fans in Real Time on Facebook. I would like to see a Match, POF and Adult Friend Finder three-party harmony.

Sponsor Update: SkaDate Dating Software: Mobile App Enhancement.

How To Scale A $1 Billion Startup: A Guide From Instagram Co-Founder Mike Krieger.

Wait until Facebook starts mining our tagged photos:

Facebook could conceivably observe over time the tagging patterns to determine real world associations between people tagged who often share the same photos. It could for example determine if two people are in a relationship over time by watching the tag pattern of photos that mutually contain them. It could also over time predict when relationships start and stop.

What Your Facebook Picture Says About Your Background. How about using facial coding to match people up? Its being done on a small scale at sites like Soul2Match, needs a big marketing push and evidence that it actually works to get past the novelty phase.

New Dating Sites Take Advantage Of Social Networks. The larger questions is this, with 900 million people on it, why has serious dating not taken off on Facebook? There have been scores of companies to attempt to bring dating to Facebook, to leverage the social graph, to match friends with friends.

It will be a while before companies engaged in social dating can make any sort sizable impact on the online dating industry. Twenty million is straightforward, spend a lot on ads, run in the red for a few years, but getting to $100 million is difficult, unless you’re Badoo. But is Badoo doing real social dating? Of course not, too difficult, much easier to Hot-or-Not themselves towards $200 million in revenue. And of course Facebook hasn’t made it any easier lately, between pushing people to buy ads and clamping down on virality. Remember, its an ad-driven industry. The idea of a dating app going viral on Facebook these days? It simply doesn’t happen at a meaningful scale.

Manhunt’s west coast mansion is for sale.