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Facebook has acquired Face.com, the company that has been providing you with the ability to automatically tag people in photos on Facebook for the last two years.

Back in January, Face.com launched KLIK, A Real-Time, Facial Recognition Camera App For iPhone. Connect the app to your Facebook account, hold your iPhone up to someone’s face, and without doing anything it will identify them. Each and every time I use KLIK it absolutely freaks out. Invasion of privacy or helpful app that makes life easier? You be the judge.

300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. All aboard the Facebook mobile application monetization train. Next stop will be Wall Street, where FB went and admitted they don’t have handle on monetizing mobile traffic right before the IPO. D’oh! Better acquire Face and a few other apps while we figure out how to create teeny-tiny little ads on phones.

Facebook Acquires Israeli Facial Recognition Company.

I can’t wait until this works on videos in real-time. In the meantime, I’m trying it out on dating profiles. I found several friends-of-friends by running the app on my Match search results page. Greeting rando’s on dating sites by their first name is surely going to result in a variety of responses.