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The Romancierge

And we’re back. Well that was a nice blog break, I’ve been hanging out in Vermont and am fully recharged and ready to go. Next week I’m moving into to a cool little wooden home in the woods and I can’t wait. After living in New York City and Boston for my entire adult life, it was time for a change. In the meantime, I’ve been busy on Badoo, tracking the latest social dating apps and bookmarking a ton of (hopefully) interesting things.  Let us pray that the cable modem in the new place is generous with bandwidth, the satellite internet access I’ve been relying on has been deplorable.

I’ve grown to love Scoop.it, which has proven almost perfect for those quick-hit posts. Definitely subscribe to the Scoop.it dating news feed and share those links.

For some reason Scoop.it didn’t like this Flash-heavy site, but I like this date-idea planner from Urban Daddy, The Romancierge.