HowAboutWe Dating Site Blog

Its amazing how many dating sites don’t take the time to write a blog or post up social media content. For all the grief I give HowAboutWe on the premise of their business model, their blog kicks the cr@p out of just about every other dating site blog (I don’t spent every waking day looking at dating site blogs, and I’m sure I’m missing some great ones).

HowAboutWe is all about the under-30 (35?) crowd, and the blog accurately reflects the reading habits of this demographic, for the most part at least. I’m jaded because after reading the same Valentine’s Day polls and first date best practices I want to fall on my sword, but HAW keeps things fresh and should be commended for their efforts.

For a comparison, go to the Match blog. Its 90% success stories, which must work for them, because when you’re the 800-pound gorilla/Amazon/big-box retailer in the dating industry, you don’t really have a niche, can’t be edgy, have to cater to flyover red states, and all sorts of people who would probably bail the moment a photo with too much cleavage showed up on the blog. Or God forbid successful gay relationships.

But Match probably makes more in an day than HAW makes in a year, so there’s that to consider.¬†What other awesome dating site blogs are out there? I need you to recommend your favorites.