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facebook dating settings Admin update: having some trouble with the blog, hopefully get it sorted out soon.

Have you looked at the new Subscribe button on Facebook? Among other things it lets people read your updates without being your friend. This, my friends, is yet another indication that Facebook is rolling out features that can ostensibly be used for dating. They just need to read the rest of this post and figure out if more granular subscription options or group invites is the best way to go about sharing specific Facebook data with romantic strangers.

This week I’ve had a number of people tell me about their experiences sharing their Facebook profiles with potential dates. Here’s one way to make Facebook for you in your dating life: Create a new group called AboutMe or something similar, post items you want potential dates to be able to view, and share your facebook url with them (I have a custom url, don’t you?).

What would be even cooler is a link that decays over time, becoming inoperable after say 72 hours. That way you know that those creepers can’t get back into your profile after a first glance.

The subscription button could also allow longer-term access to profile data, sort of like what OkCupid has been doing for years.

Is Facebook going to undermine the entire online dating industry? Of course it is, just a matter of time. Until them, singles should use their Facebook profiles to share details about their tastes, personality and preferences with potential dates. You know, the things that traditional dating sites aren’t very good at doing.

After all, you’ve never seen a Facebook post start with “I can’t believe I’m doing this…”

Read Introducing the Subscribe Button and start using Facebook to meet your match today.

Oh and congrats to Friend Finder Networks for acquiring PerfectMatch. Hopefully they don’t follow in the footsteps of Spark Networks and kill it off like Spark did Engage. Love the idea of the Penthouse business doing deals with the Lifetime network.

What’s the next PerfectMatch product-placement going to be, Must Love Buxom Babes?