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Back from a week in the woods. Have to find a new place to live in the next few weeks and my car died, not how I expected my summer to go, but that’s life.

Plentyoffish blog says that a recent IAC investor call featuring Match CEO Greg Blatt mentions the Okcupid team signed a deal to stay on for a year  and is focused building a Badoo clone that will get profiles via Facebook to compete in the space. Badoo. Sure its big but what a terrible service. Spam and junk all over the place.

In the past, Match has toyed half-heartedly with acquiring profiles via Facebook, but until now, paying for ad space like everyone else has been the only way to get any significant traffic.

After a few years of a learning curve (Deal with Are You Interested, Little Black Book), perhaps Match can step up to the plate.

The investor call is supposed to be available for 180 days. A month after the event and the call has been pulled down already. Anyone have an audio archive of it? I’d love to hear it.

simplified match.com org chart

Match.com Pegasus Limited, Mojo Acquisition Corp, Elicia Acquisition Corp, interesting. Thats a whole lot of tax advantage right there. Interesting reading in regards to the Match deal with Meetic. The deal alone will cost 3 million Euros.