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Bruins Logo #winning!Go Bruins! Finally recovered from a hard drive crash, I can’t wait for the Apple iCloud or something similar. Local storage of files is just about extinct.

My post about iDate squatting on eAmore domains and twitter accounts received a lot of comments from people, mostly private, dating being a small industry and all.

Watch this space for updates this week.

assisted serendipity mobile datingAssisted Serendipity continues to impress me. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching the Bruins annihilate Vancouver again, and AS alerted me that these lovely ladies were at my corner bar. Yes, I got up off the couch.

A similar app is Sonar. Gizmodo says that Sonar connects with your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts, and tells you what kind of social media connections you share with other people also using the app nearby. Its not dating specific and easier to track more than 10 locations. I’d like to see Assisted Serendipity take apage from the Sonar playbook.

Hangout Brings Richness to Generic Dating Profiles (Shut down).

Ashley Madison will love this.  iOS 5: Know when wife is calling – customize vibration patterns.

OkCupid voyeur alertsFirst I get an email from OkCupid that someone picked me in my Quiver of matches. The next email I get moments later is this. I put 2+2 together and see this woman in the grid of potential Quiver flirters and the email.

Kind of takes the fun out of guessing who just rated me four or five stars, but it did get me back to the site quickly.

Proving there is always room for one more silly dating sites, YouvePulled.com is a new UK dating site. They have some television commercials.

Affinitas GmbH in Berlin launches betterDate, will be supported with television advertising. I love how they say “Affinitas’ flagship eDarling is in no competition with the newly developed site.”

Free tip for Affinitas: When writing a press release announcing your new dating site, do no continuously refer to your own competing product, confusing.

Koydo is a new dating site aggregator in Germany. Service has five major German dating platforms officially indexed and many more are to come.

ilove http://www.ilove.de/ (contact ads, top 5 in Germany)
freenet Singles http://singles.freenet.de/ (contact ads, top 5 in Germany)
Altersvorsprung http://www.altersvorsprung.de/ (special age group, sugar daddy/cougar dating, top 5 in this category in Germany)
c-date (casual-dating) www.c-date.de (internationally around in 33 countries)
direct date (casual dating) http://www.seitensprungnetz.de/ (top 10 in Germany, top 5 in Austria/Switzerland)

Craigslist has conducted a year-long study of chance encounters on the country’s five largest subway/metro/rapid transit systems — New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston — and today announces that the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU station, part of the Washington, DC Metro system, is the “Most Romantic Subway/Metro Station” in the U.S.

Zwapp builds a social network for app discovery. This is a great idea. I would love for a third-party app to see who I am (and am not) browsing, emailing and responding to on dating sites. I love the idea of an external matching/help system for dating. If you don’t have beaucoup resources, creating high-performance matching systems is pretty much out of reach. Why not open up the profile ecosystem to third parties?

Zwapp competitor Appsfire is starting to track dating apps.