ourtime-flirt-message[Editor note: This post is the most popular one on this blog and has been for a long time. Who knew?]

After signing up yesterday with a silly profile and ugly photo, I’ve received my first flirt from the new Match over-50 dating site, OurTime.

This is where I really feel for singles. Do I pay $20, $53 or $71 to see who flirted with me?  In any other context, paying $20 to read an email is insane. Especially when it’s only a wink. Dating sites really have no option but to work this way. Its unfortunate but how else are they going to get free members to convert to subscribers?



If I knew the flirt was from a verified member, I probably would be more likely to pay up, but the fact that they don’t show the person’s photo or username or a bit of text from/about them has me on the defensive.

I’m talking to OurTime tomorrow, should be able to report back with some clarity on where the profiles are being copied over from and other details about the launch.