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whatsyourprice.com datingPayPal has deemed WhatsYourPrice morally unsuitable and turned off their account.

Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice:

Paypal has made a moral decision that accepting money for going on a first date should be banned, while it has for years provided payment for dating websites, such as Ashley Madison, that promote infidelity.  Obviously, PayPal has a double ethical standard where it’s not okay to pay for a date, unless you want to cheat on your spouse.

Talk about a thorny issue. Ashley Madison surely loves the free press and its not like PayPal is going to shut them down because they make them a lot of money.

Startup dating site with a negative value-proposition: banned. Established company making millions and filling the PayPal coffers: come on in!

Regardless of which way your moral compass spins in regards to whoring yourself out for dates (don’t even try to argue with me about this), PayPal’s questionable internal guidance about which companies to accept and ban is troubling.

I was surprised to learn that National Public Radio suggests that over 60% of the public thinks WhatsYourPrice is a perfectly fine way to date. That seems pretty high.