matchwordsThe Like-Ification of 2011: Saad Khan is an investor I’ve spoken to a few times. He writes for, among other things, VentureBeat, and I really liked this statement he made about Liking things on Facebook.

If 2010 was about gamification, then 2011 will belong to people who can figure out what to do with what we like.

last July more than 65 million people were “like-ing” stuff on a daily basis. That’s more than 17.5 billion “likes” over nine months.

Its imperative that dating sites begin leveraging what people Like on Facebook. DateBuzz used to pull in your likes, tastes and preferences, but thats the easy part. Now its time for intrepid dating pioneers to build matching systems that take Likes as fuel and output better matches based on the fact that we Like Celine Dion, tractor pulls, Sarah Palin and Egypt.

If you can’t afford  a dozen people working on a behavioral matching system for your site, at the least you can pull in likes and start building a foundation profile of your members based on Facebook “exhaust” as the cool kids call it now.

Another quote of interest:

Xbox Kinect already authenticates my face and pairs it with my player profile. Imagine what that could mean for your status updates.

Can you imagine updating your dating profile by standing in front of an Xbox and talking? Futuristic indeed, but hey kids, thats the direction our digital lives are heading.

What are some startup ideas that persistently fail?

Here’s a quote from Quora, the best Q&A site you’ve never heard of.

Yet another dating site
1) Insufficient distinction from all of the other dating sites
2) I lie about my weight/income/humor – you lie about your fitness/degree of bitterness/coolness and thus a high level of disappointment and frustration follow.

StreetSpark, the new iPhone app for offline dating

StreetSpark lets you know when you’re in the right place at the right time to meet your match. StreetSpark’s “Social Matching” technique garners your activity across other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and Foursquare and then matches you to other StreetSpark users, creating more real matches, based not only on common interests but also the recent activities you share, letting you live your life without interference and constant checking.