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New Law For Dating in the Works: Connecticut State Rep. Mae Flexer (D) introduced a bill requiring online dating sites that charge fees to provide safety tips and advice to make dating, online and off, safer. If approved, Connecticut would become the third state to regulate internet dating sites, after New York and New Jersey.

Dating sites that charge fees have to put up a common-sense FAQ, but free sites don’t? That makes no sense at all. Flexer is asking for advice and doesn’t know what to put in the Bill, someone needs to sit her down and set her straight about effective online dating safety legislation.

True.com started this years ago with their attempts to establish business dominance by getting states to pass weak legislation along the lines of having dating sites state that they don’t offer background checks on the home page in 12-point type. As if thats going to keep someone from making a bad decision about their dating practices and whom they date.

Bottom Line: Dating companies need to bake mobile phone checkins and other positive behavior modification functionality right into their dating site. Anything less is a waste of taxpayer money and not going to stop the bad guys from preying on the helpless and ignorant or just plain unlucky.