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social eyes facebook video chat

Its always been remarkable to me that more people do not post video status updates to their Facebook pages. Well, it looks like Video messaging is coming to Facebook.

Rob Glasser, founder of RealNetworks, has co-founded SocialEyes, which is launching at the DEMO Conference today.

Gigaom says:

The service, which will live as its own site and as a Facebook application, allows users to carry on multiple chats throughout the day and lets people tap Facebook’s social graph for conversations. Users can pop in and out of individual chats or combine them together in group sessions called scrums. Users can also join or start their own private groups among friends or participate in public groups based around hobbies and interests. When users aren’t able to communicate in real-time via video chat or instant messaging, they can send video messages to friends.

I worked with someone on exactly this type of service in 2006, although they didn’t have the resources to make this happen at the time and there wasn’t a 600-million member Facebook to market it to.

How long until Facebook gets serious about video and bakes this right into the service?

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