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Its the last day of iDate in Miami. Attendees, send in your thoughts on the show, photos too.


The ToneCheck plug-in for Microsoft Outlook scans your emails for  overly-harsh tone, anger or being to offensive. Negative words are flagged for your review.

TechCrunch says:

The application gauges words and phrases against 8 levels of connotative feeling, enabling end users to make real-time corrections and adjust the overall tone of messages using a simple menu system. Text interpretation problems: solved. Provided you use Outlook, of course.

ToneCheck would be a phenomenally awesome feature for dating sites. How many times do people send out emails in the heat of the moment that don’t accurately reflect their true intentions and personality? I hope they make an API for this that dating sites can plug into.

Starup Inlovia is a free Dutch site that enables users to play Cupid and pair up their friends. Aspiring matchmakers begin by filling in the names and email addresses of the potential pair they have in mind, along with up to 160 characters describing why the two should meet. Inlovia then sends an email to both of those recipients telling them that their friend wants to introduce them to someone special. Each member of the potential pair has 20 days to accept or refuse the match attempt. If they both accept, they receive each other’s email address for further contact. The user responsible for the matchmaking can even follow a personal link to see if both people accepted. More at Springwise. This is a feature masquerading as the premise for an entire dating site. Not sure thats going to work as its more a feature than a business model.

Loky has a cool mobile phone security app. They are looking to build relationships with dating/flirting websites to promote the app on a rev-share basis. BlackBerry and Symbian (Nokia) versions are about to go live. Check out the PDF presentation. This sounds good for adult dating sites where privacy is a major concern.

Email Evolution: Web-based Email Shows Signs of Decline in the U.S. While Mobile Email Usage on the Rise. I do most of my communication on the phone these days. Going through a klunky dating site messaging system just doesn’t cut it anymore.