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Just in time for iDate, IntroAnalytics has announced real time recommendations of potential dates based on the implicit preferences derived from a user’s activity on a site.

Dating sites need to go to great lengths to entice visitors to stick around as long as possible and remain active. IntroAnalytics technology substantially increases both the time on site and the number of profiles examined and communicated with – thereby increasing both user satisfaction and profitability.

It was previously more difficult for larger sites to process all members in realtime due to volumes and the frequency of new users and changes to the site activity. It could take several hours of processing and efficient coding on a powerful server to get results for whole database on just a single site.

IntroAnalytics now combines batch processing and real-time api calls to get the best of both worlds. The result is that as someone has shown interest in a few profiles, the dating site can make recommendations immediately without having to wait too long.

The company has been around since 2008 and now serves over one hundred million recommendations a month to mid-tier US dating sites and some major top 10 UK sites like: Smooch.com; the WhiteLabelDating group of over 100 large UK sites; and FriendsreunitedDating, one of UK’s most trusted social brands.

Smooch, an early adopter client of the technology, is very satisfied with the results. They are seeing an approximate increase of 15-20% in overall daily site traffic and 10% improvement in premium member conversions.

I’ve heard nothing but positive results about IntroAnalytics. Dating site owners, talk to Nick and Gavin at IntroAnalytics in Miami this week. Better yet, trial their matching system and let us know how it performs.