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SmartDate Holiday incentive Pretty much every woman who has tried to contact me has been a spam/scammer but I still appreciated this bit of holiday cheer from Smartdate. Why do I know they are scammers? Every woman had a photo, they were all hot and every email said to contact them at yahoo or hotmail. Smartdate is a perfect example of a site that might make some money but is pretty much useless if you’re a serious dater (although a goldmine if you want to get scammed). I enjoyed what I learned about the founder but sometimes you have to call it like you see it. hope they take this as constructive and weed out the scammers, it’s really not that difficult to say “find anything thats a message that looks even remotely like a webmail account and delete those messages and flag the profiles.” Drastically reduces the database of people but do you as a single person want quantity or quality? Typical tension between the wants of the dating site operator and the needs of singles. That, my friends, will never end. See someone fishy on a dating site? Do you duty and flag ’em. Most reputable companies will have them off the site pretty quickly, although response time (if any) will most definitely vary on this from site to site.