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Aaron & Brian, co-founders of HowAboutWe were living in Boston a year ago when I first met them for the usual Starbucks meet&greet. The main they were noodling was, “How could we create an online dating site that we’d actually want to use?”

Here’s what they decided: A dating site should make it fun and easy to go on awesome dates.

They launched HowAboutWe in NYC last winter. And now, after months of tweaking, they’re getting ready to roll out to new cities. And Boston is the first.

I’m a big fan of rolling out one geographic area at a time. Easier to target ads and cheaper than addressing  entire large markets, especially as a general-interest dating site.

They say we’re gonna love it. We’ll get dates faster. The dates will be cooler. The people will be better. As I live in Boston, I’ll be attending their big group-date events. (Igniter anyone?)

There’s a contest ast well: Tell HowAboutWe group-date event you’d like to see during our launch week at the beginning of December. Best one gets dinner on us at Rocca.

Some examples:

  • a massive sidewalk chalk drawing project in Boston Common
  • a full-on Capture the Flag battle at Jamaica Pond
  • or just eat a bunch of caramels … you get it. Say what you think would be an awesome date-event to welcome HowAboutWe to Boston.

Post your ideas on the HowAboutWe Facebook wall. Whichever one gets the most likes, they’re going to do.

If you’ve already signed up for the site, you’ve got a free lifetime membership. Invite your friends to join for free now, before they start charging.