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Earlier this year when one-on-one videochat site Chatroulette began its stratospheric growth due to inordinate amounts of media attention, many people thought random anonymous videochat was the Next Big Thing for discovering people online.

After seeing a few dozen naked people doing things I’m not going to repeat here, I quickly labeled the service a fad, which indeed it turned out to be. A brilliant one, no doubt, so much so that the The New York Times talks about how Chatroulette Gives Rise to a Genre. The company I like the most that they mention is Feedback Roulette, a site that lets you submit a website for free peer review.

WooMe’s attempt at a Chatroulette clone, Shufflepeople, has about 110,000 monthly visitors. Besides that, I’ve not seen any other site come close to the popularity of Chatroulette, althought the Times article mention Vchatter which boasts traffic comparable to Shufflepeople.