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Group buying pioneer Groupon has launched a trust fund and a dating site because so many people use Groupons on dates. The dating site is called GroupSpawn.

Groupon as a company feels a responsibility towards the children it has spawned, it has set aside a trust fund of $60,000 a year for two kids born to customers who meet and concieve on “Groupon Dates” a year. The money will be released when the Groupon babies reach 25 years of age.

Says (CEO) Mason,“Next time you go on a date, why not use a Groupon? it could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Groupon wants to encourage these partnerships, they’ve built the Groupon Date Assistant, a Match.com-like dating/social network with search emphasis on proximity of potential matches in order to maximize the potential for spawn.

This is fantastic marketing for Groupon, I’m super impressed. Extremely creative, inexpensive to launch, newsworthy, funny, cute and helpful. How many dating sites can pull that off?

It really doesn’t matter how big the dating site gets, the point is that singles start using more Groupons.

Hey HowAboutWe why didn’t you think of this?

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