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I receive a lot of I’m noticing a uptick in emails from people inquiring about WhiteLabelDating.com and other private label dating services. WLD recently announced a new newsletter system, which provides the company with the ability to assess open rates, click throughs, bounces, upgrades and revenue from every email. The tool also allows very specific targeting by location and demographic information, as well as cross site targeting. WLD currently sends out up to 4.8 million emails per week to the database, with deliverability monitored so that more emails arrive in customers’ inboxes with every campaign.

Global Personals, the parent company of White Label Dating, also has a new website. There is also a new site that explains some of what goes on behind the scenes at globaldev.

I’m still waiting for a private label providers that doesn’t come with a pre-populated database. I can fill one up pretty easily and don’t want to deal with the profile ownership hassles and other legal fine print, which is 99% of the questions I get about private label providers. If they are doing such a great job explaining their services, why am I getting so many emails from confused people?

WLD competes with Dating Factory, EasyDate, The Dating Lab and a few other vendors. All of these companies should be running an ad in my sidebar to drive traffic to their landing pages.