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Pixar is promoting Toy Story 3 by having Ken give us us dating advice. The whole series of 40 or so clips is amusing.

This NYT article, Reflections in the Facebook Mirror riffs on how we engage in self-description online, mentions dating profiles.

Facebook Unleashes Open Graph Search Engine, Declares War On Google. (All Facebook).

Earlier this week we published about the new Facebook SEO that’s possible via the Open Graph, but now it’s clear that this is the beginning of Facebook’s internet search strategy. The race is now on for publishers to optimize their sites for Facebook’s search engine.

…Facebook wants to launch the social semantic search engine as we alluded to during f8. Now that the search results are officially showing up as Facebook search results, the war has begun.

Last week I wrote, Can The Semantic Web Save Online Dating and this ties right into that.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren to divorce. First dating site to sign up either one gets a prize.

Exploring the software behind Facebook.

Big Web Operations Turn to Tiny Chips.

The Herway YouTube channel. Can’t embed them, which is silly.

Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love.

Adult content risks being censored if .XXX gets ICANN nod.